Schools out!!!

On tuesday I finished the computer course that had held my mornings hostage for the past 9 weeks. I’m quite glad to see the ass end of the course and some of the class mates. I’m hoping that with this piece of paper that says I can do Office 2000 I can now qualify for a full time job at the ROM since that is what HR said I needed last time I applied for an Admin position. Bet you 10 bucks they will have a new excuse next time I apply…I can always greive it….One of the many joys of being Unionized!

So with my morning free again Abi and I are able to make our triumphant return to the thursday morning mommy group at the Midwives Collective of Toronto. Abi was very happy to see her friends althought I get the impresion that Braedon (I quite certain I have spelled his name wrong) is her perferred playmate, quite possibly because he can take her rough and tumblyness. Abi and Mr. B


Yesterday I actually called the Hubby at work in tears to tell him that I was having a meltdown and can’t deal with HIS child right now! I did feel better after Abi and I shared a good boo-hoo! I guess Chris was concerned about my mental stability and went to ask a co-worker who has three children for some advice. Amongst all the great suggestions she gave him were when we needed to clean the floors or something along those lines put Abi in her room with her toys and put the baby gate across her door to keep her corralled and safe while we get certain chores done. Since Abi has started to crawl/floor surf with great alacrity this suggestion was so simple yet brilliant we couldn’t figure out why we hadn’t thought of it?! Oh wait we are sleep deprived new parents, that’s why we didn’t think of it ourselves…which brings me to suggestion #2: Give Baby a bedtime and stick to it! This, we had been doing but somehow over the past month that plan went out the window, so we have brought it back in. The final bit of advice was not so much advice as commiseration: Chris has been reluctant to take care of Abi on his own as she would scream her fool head off causing stress for both of them and Chris to become convinced that his child hated him. Julia (the co-worker) explained that her Husband had a similar problem and that eventually he had to suck it up and deal because she like me was fast coming to her breaking point!

So, Chris called me back to tell me that I was to go out last night and have a baby free, knit/fiber filled time, and he and Abi will just have to come to an agreement.

After dinner off I went and oh gods was I so happy I did! I called home twice, once to see if Abi was screaming (she wasn’t) and to see how reinstituting bedtime went (took about an hour but that was expected). I however was having a ball with the ladies, Kelly and Emma were in attendance, Denni was using Megans’ new Louet wheel (a double treadle version of mine) and showed me what to do. I even got to try to spin a bit (I so need to practice but I love it!). I got the rest of the gifts for my SP and didn’t do much knitting but did do a lot of talking. It was really nice to have the other Mums in the group not only uunderstand but also validate my feelings of being overwhelmed and at the end of my rope (when I had mentioned similar feelings at a mummy support group I was treated as if I was a horrible mother who might just need to have CAS visit her house) with comments of “oh yeah I remember those days” and “Yeah that is not a fun place to be, but it does get better” etc. It was so nice to see some people I haven’t seen in a while and to just relax and enjoy myself! I also really enjoyed walking up to Spadina station with Kelly and talking with her. I’m so going back next week! Perhaps I’ll remember my camera….


I’m having a bad day! I should have never left the bed!

This sucks as I had a great weekend at the farm with Abi and my parents. 48 hours with two other people who were not afraid to help me share the prenting load! My Dad actually took Abi from me when she was screaming bloody murder(she was fighting a nap and teething pretty badly) and walked the floor with her to give me a break and to see if perhaps a change of scenery might calm her down! He even did this with us when we were smalls!