Two FOs in a week!

Friday morning I knit and reknit the ear flaps for Amy’s hat and when I was happy with the look of them, I cast off and it was on her head a few hours later.


She is pleased!

The deets:

Yarn: Handmaiden 4 ply cashmere (have no idea what the name of the colourway is)
Pattern: Top down hat calculator from the Knitting Fiend
Time line: Supah fast

Comments: Pattern is great if you want to knit a hat but are unsure if you have enough yarn, turns out I have a lot left over…Amy may be getting some cashmere wrist warmers or something like that. The yarn was great, it was my first time ever knitting pure cashmere and I can see the desire to knit a whole sweater out of this stuff! I love how the colours lined up to create strips.