Geekiest mail ever!!!

My mail today was so many types of geeky, I’m amazed that it didn’t cause some sort of vortex!

First was my May Art Club Batt: Hollow Tree

It’s difficult to see the shades of green but it’s bang on what I had in mind for the yoke of my Corriedale sweater. I’ve emailed Nikol about getting another one just so I have enough. Which reminds me I never did show you my April Batt: Girl Drink Drunk!

It’s got glitz, angora, and is shades of pink and peach so you just know that Abi claimed it just as soon as she saw it. She wants something “pretty” from it.

Back to the mail…

Chris’ Fathers day gift arrived:

Yep, Dungeons and Dragons 4.0…we are still looking for players for a campaign.

And finally my order from Camilla Valley Farms arrived.

I’m planning on weaving up a bunch of tea towels and some hand and face cloths.

Achieving Warp

During an episode of Doctor Who and one of Venture Brothers I got my Knitters Loom warped so it would be all set to go once I got a few quiet kid free minutes.

Winding off the yarn took next to no time (you can kinda see the spool of yarn in the orange basket on the floor) and Chris helped me when it came time to rolling it onto the back beam. I remembered what I had forgotten to put on my grocery list when we were winding on…wax paper. It can be used as a layer between the threads to keep things from getting tangled (you can see it in the next photo), in it’s absence I used regular printing paper.

Once everything was wound up the tedious task of pulling the threads through the little slots half way up the reed. This took the most time to do, Chris commented at one point that he didn’t realize just how much work was involved in weaving. Yep, it’s a lot of work and when I get a floor loom I’ll be bribing people with food and drink to come over and help me warp it up. The cool thing is once you have it all warped and set up your half way done!

The folded piece of paper is doing a few jobs there: separating the two sets of threads (the ones that go through the “eyes” of the reed and the ones that go through the long slots) and it’s giving me a sturdy start point that will keep my weave tight.

New eyes for the stash

Laura planted the seed and Camilla Valley Farm added the fertilizer…now I’m looking at my stash in a whole new light!

There is a Knitters Loom on my craft shelf that has been gathering dust since my fist attempts at weaving were taken out by some moths (so far they appear to be *knock on wood* routed) and I do believe that it needs to be pressed into service to help me beat the stash into submission! I have this dirty hippy/urban homesteader (is that even possible?) plan to knit/weave my way through my commercial yarn stash and get to a point where my stash is primarily fluff and fiber for me to spin up and I will only buy the yarns that are special or unique (don’t ask me what “special” and “unique” mean as I’m still working this whole plan out.

I have ideas and plans and a Garter Stitch jacket kit on order at LettuceKnit…I think I need to sit at the knee of The Denny and pick her Great Brain for some weaving advice…There be some PLANS AFOOT!!!!!!