Fleece Auction 2007

It’s the final day of the Royal and that means FLEECE AUCTION!!!!!! Me and a few of my Fiber Comrades are meeting up at noon and heading out en mass.

Last Monday I went to the Royal with the kids and my sister and her main squeeze Peter, I had meant to do some fleece recon but forgot. We did however see a car that was made from 85% agricultural product that a group of students at a British Uni made.


My Sister fell in love with the Alpacas. If she were to get a set I could totally help her with disposal of their fleece…


(crappy shot of the Alpacas I know but people would not move out of the way)
Abi got a kiss from a ram. (you can totally see which animals are hand raised)

As for today I honestly don’t know if I’m going to buy a fleece, I didn’t reach my goal of spinning up 1/2 my fleece stash and space is becoming a premium in our bedroom what with Liam’s crib and my bins of fiber and yarn. Last year my goal was a chocolate brown fleece and I found a nice one, this year it’s a gray fleece I’m after and if I don’t get one today I know where I can get one…

Do you NaKnitSweMo?

I’m going to give it a try. The plan is to knit the A-line jacket in a month.

I made a larger swatch yesterday (ok so I started a sleeve!I’m only 5 inches in and I’m not knitting any more till tomorrow!) since my first swatch with the yarn held double just didn’t quite work for me. I’m much happier with how the yarn (Rowanspun Aran) is knitting up and am looking forward to wearing this jacket.

Three more sleeps!!!

The Royal opens to the public in three more sleeps!!!! Can you tell how excited I am to be amongst my other people! I can almost taste the shaved bison sandwiches (put anything more than mustard on it and it’s ruined!!!) and fudge. The urge to sell it all and get a small parcel of land, a rare breeds grant (do we have such a thing in Canada?) and raise sheep is huge right now.
I’ll be visiting the Fair twice, on the 5th (next Monday) with the kids, my sister and her Boy and then I’ll be back again with Mr. Liam the boob leech for the fleece auction on Sunday the 11th. Drop me a line if your going and together we can defeat (or at least shame them into submission) the forces of bad auction etiquette. Plus Denny is fixing to butter up the auctioneer so perhaps he will only have eyes for our bids?!


My plan for today has been thwarted! I was all set as part of Project: Keep Busy to spend today spinning up some more of that lovely Corriedale but had to stop after about 15 minutes as I started to have some nasty pains in the pubic bone and hips that were not of the contraction sort. The most I can figure is that the combination of baby’s head position, loose ligaments and the motion caused by spinning all come together to make for some not so fun times. Luckily I have a back up plan…organizing my foreseeable future knitting projects with the help of Ravelry.

At the moment I have on my needles: Monkey sock #2, Neck down Raglan for whichever kid it fits when done, Feather and Fan Scarf, Ribbons Blanket, a Dalek and a shawl. My plan for the next little bit of undefined time is to focus mainly on the Monkey so that after it’s been cast off I can then get on with my Holiday knitting which depending on who’s names we draw on Turkey day may not even need to be knit right away and be back burnered to become Birthday Gifts, but thinking such thoughts are dangerous…I use the example of the never ending sags of the Trip/Birthday/Father’s day socks I knit for my Dad…I’m going to knit those two projects next so that they are done and off my To Do list and not taunting me.

After that I’m a bit at a loss as to what I want to knit…perhaps it’s another sweater for me, maybe using my hand spun? Who knows…my Ravelry queue keeps growing with possibilities…I do know that I have a goal to knit from my stash for 2008 so that I can save money to attend Rhinebeck in the Fall of 2008, plus being on Maternity leave reduces ones income so that things like groceries and gas bills tend to take precedence over stash expansion.

Ohhhh!!! Looky! Lookie!

This is super cool! Look who has opened a store in Toronto…It’s Lindenhoff Wool Mill!

I think I may just have me an outing for today! That is if I can convince Chris that it will be fine. He is quite convinced that if I venture too far from home I’ll end up either having my waters explode all over the place or giving birth on the side walk. I guess we shouldn’t have told him that my Mum had a super fast less, than 4 hour labour with me.

Perhaps I’ll save it for a post baby “get me out of this house” adventure…