I SO scored while Thrifting this afternoon! Take a look at this beauty: (Please excuse the crappy quality of the photo)

This is a 100% Angora sweater!!! That I got for 4$!!!

Tonight will be spent sending this baby to the Frog Pond there by giving my legs a bit of a rest from the spin-fest I have been on for the past few days. I have discovered some new muscles I didn’t know I had and now taking the stairs with Abi in her backpack are a bit of a challenge, but the yarn is so pretty it’s worth it!

Fibre + Dye x Spinning= Dark Arts Math

The story thus far:

I have decided to knit a cardi for Ms. Abi using some hand spun made by moi! There was a plan for me to dye it up as well but I thought better of it and got in contact with Carolyn from Bees Knees fibers to do the dyeing for me. I knew how much yarn I would need to knit the sweater but figuring out how much fiber she would need to dye up for me is another matter competly. Under Carolyn’s suggestion I was to spin up a few ounces of roving how I want it for the sweater. From there I will have an approximate yardage for how much yarn I can get from the few ounces of roving then I will do some simple multiplication to get the 500 yrds I want to knit up this sweater. Are you still with me?

Right so Friday night I figure I’ll spin up the lb. of CotswoldX I have hanging arround the stash as my sample. After I had dug it out I looked at it….it seemed so plain…I couldn’t really spin up such a plain roving ….it was clearly in need of some DRAMA (insert Fosse hands here)…what was I to do? I went through the Kool Aid stash and nothing really caught my fancy. Then from the corner of my eyeI saw the bag containing dyes I had bought the previous weekend at G&S Dyes . Three and a bit hours later I had this:

soaking in my tub. I have had to assure Chris that he probably isn’t the only guy who ends up sharing his shower with roving.

Here is a dry shot:

And this:

is what happens when you turn your back to take a picture of your new fish. I think this is clearly my fault as I have encouraged Abi to be tactile and I know that she thinks brightly coloured roving is only the BEST toy ever!

This is as clear a shot I can get of the tank without some sort of glare. I have now maxed out the fish population of my tank…I think I want a larger tank at some point. My dad and I had a 40 gal before and we had enough room for the number of fish I have right now and two “schools” containing of 6 fish from two diffrent types of Tetras. That last sentence made more sense in my head.

Wine and Dye

I have nine minutes to sip wine and type before I need to go and rinse my hair out thus completing stage one of the process. I’m going brunette this time as I really can’t get a decent shade of red anymore. There was one I used back in High School that looked great one me but then the company revamped their image and changed the composition of the dye making it orangier than the original thereby causing it to look brassy on me. I’ll find out soon enough if I have made a good of bad decision…luckily I’m not attached to my hair and have no problem with shaving the Melon if things go south…

Stage one complete…The colour seems a bit darker than I thought…but it doesn’t look bad…

While I let it dry out a bit for stage two (the highlights) I will finally post the WIP photos.

This is the Hot Lava Cardigan.

I’m using Malabrigo Yarn Merino in Little Lovely. I just need to finish the rest og that sleeve then I pick up the sts for the bolero part.

Next is the Green Lantern Shadow Scarf.

I can’t remember the yarn but the pattern came with it. The only thing I remember is that I bought it at the DKC Fiber Frolic. I am SO saving my pennies for this years Frolic…I had an absolute blast last year!

Finally The Ruffle Scarf:

This scarf is my crochet cherry popper and I’m loving it! I’m using my beloved Alchemy Haiku in Koi Pond. The colours actually showed up fairly true in the photo. Thsi yarn is great to work with and I look forward to starting the Birch shawl with the two skanks of Haiku in the Forest Waltz colourway I got two weeks ago…

And a bonus:

Last night I didn’t knit a stitch on any of these beauties…instead I finally spun up the Mohair I dyed at the class I took in the summer at LettuceKnit.

I have no Idea what I’m going to use it for…

Fiber fiesta!!!!!

After my last post turned into a bit of a Debbie Downer I went off to play with some fiber…It seems to have a strange opiate effect on me. No matter how frustrated and ready to explode I am feeling if I am able to go off into a corner and either knit or spin for a bit I find myself relaxing, especially with the spinning (I sometimes find I need a bit of a post-spin nap).

I bought my first spinning wheel back in the early summer, it was about a 10 year old Louet S10. She was a good first wheel, easy to set up and once I got the hang of things we were spinning along quite happily. Sadly though I knew in the back of my mind she wasn’t meeting all my needs…I wanted more ratios, she only offered me two (and I still have no clue as to what they were) and I wanted to beable to take my wheel out of the house for the occasional guild event and occasional stitch n’bitch, my Louet was not really portable. So I started a search for a second hand portable wheel. I sent out emails to both Gemini Fibers
and the Black Lamb and prepared to wait and save my pennies. Who knew I would only have to wait a few short days (I had sent out the call on a particularly fiber event filled weekend) when I recieved an email from Laurie at the Black Lamb who had a possible wheel from me. The details were she’s a two year old Ashford Joy with the carrying bag for $575 + tax and Laurie may even have a buyer for my old Louet to help subsidize this purchase! WooHooo! Within a week I had (thanks to an “Artist Loan” from my Mum) my new wheel and my Louet is headed towards a new home. She is a lovely spinner with count’em: 4 ratios which I now need to learn how to use!

My last act of spinning on my Louet before she was swapped out was spinning up some BLF that I then used to try my hand at Navaho Plying. And here is a close up of the ply
I have also come across a shrug on the Blue Blog that has some koigu knit up with some Jaggerspun Zephyr in the feather and fan pattern. I actually dreamed about it last night…I think I needs to knits it…..

My Own Private Fiber Fest

Last week was fairly fluffy for me:

Things started the previous Friday when my Naalbinding needles arrived (posted about them last week).


I got my last package from my Secret Pal: two more balls of the Drops Alpaca yarn, this time in a lovely shade of red 3900 (will try to get a group shot of the yarns she sent me). I’m on the hunt for the perfect pattern for this yarn. I’m rather sad that this is over as I enjoyed hunting and purchasing items for the person I was SPing and awaiting packages from my SP.

In anticipation of my Mini Viking Wool Combs impending arrival I set to washing some of my alpaca fleece.

Here is a dried photo, it’s just waiting to be combed:

And here are the Mini Combs:

I also received 2 pounds of Dorset fleece that I traded some of my yarn for on Knitty’s message board. I think I will use this yarn to experiment with my Wilton’s icing colouring. Then I’ll card it and spin it and knit me up something from it.

The last bit of fibery goodness happened yesterday at Lettuceknit. I swung by just for a bit of a reprieve during the MILs visit and the Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb order had arrived and Meghan had nicely put aside three balls of Vera for me (photos will follow) and I also picked up a ball of Angel in Flames to knit Miss Abi some booties but will probably knit her up a toque as she has big feet and I’m not sure if there will be enough yarn for booties. If anyone has a good pattern for toddler booties let me know!

I think I’ll be posting more stuff up on the Knitty swap board to make room for this new stuff.

While the baby sleeps…

I have become quite adept at nursing Abi and doing some work at the ‘puter I consider it a bonus if she also falls asleep because I can get anywhere from 10 minutes to sometimes an hour of uninterrupted ‘puter time. This came in handy when trying to complete the few assignments I had for the computer course that (I’m quite glad to say) has finished today! This tends to also be the time when I can catch up on emails, get a blog entry done (which is why they can sometimes be long and cover a few days worth of stuff) and if Abi is really tired do some web surfing for new and nifty knitting patterns, recipes or whatever catches my fancy.

This past weekend was a rather fun one for me…I had some time to spin on my handy new wheel and this is what I accomplished:First skein from wheelSecond skein from wheelThird and fourth skeins from wheel The last two images are of roving I dyed using Kool-Aid, the deep burgundy was made by using the strawberry flavour and a brown fleece. I have no idea what I’m going to do with these learner skeins…I was thinking of knitting up a shawl/wrap but since alot of them were also experiments in dyeing the colours don’t all necessarily look good together…I do have a plan to knit Abi up a toque from some of the mohair blend skeins I spun up on one of my spindles.

Another great thing about this past weekend was I was finally able to perfect my Chilean Salad recipe (those who have eaten at Jumbo Empanada will know what of I speak) as well as start to tinker with my Raita and Shrimp Cerviche recipes…I’m finding my taste buds drawing me towards more of the foods from the South Americas lately which can be a bit of a drag since it can be hard to find…

It’s HERE!

I’m so excited! My first ever Spinning Wheel came today!
It arrived by Purolator in a ginormous box. My only complatint is that the person who I bought it from didn’t remove the yarn that was on the bobbins and one of them had some moth eggsa in the yarn. I took them outside to clean the yarn off.

Now I just have to figure out how to spin on it and I’m set!


Last night I purchased my first spinning wheel! It is a Louet S10. It is a single treadle model but I will be converting it over to a double treadle in a little while!

I can’t wait for her to arrive! I now need to name her (yes I feel IT is a SHE) and I’m probably going to stencil some kind of design onto the wheel.