In case you forgot it’s: Mother’s Day

Today was my first Mother’s Day, although according to some people, last year should have been my first since I was pregnant then. But then as a few people (one of whom was the other half responsible for the pregnancy) felt the need to point out that I “tehnically wasn’t a Mother yet so I didn’t qualify”. Not a smart thing to tell a person who has been gaging her way through the past few months due to anytime-but-morning sickness and has just realized that Maternity clothes are either dreadfully expensive or really ugly!

Enough of last year…these things are in the past…..

Seeing as today was all about me, my husband (Chris) said I got to do what ever I wanted, so I decided the three of us were going to go to Riverdale Farm. The trip got off to a really great start with the Driver of the bus we boarded wishing each Mum a Happy Mother’s day and presenting us with a red rose as we boarded! Proof the TTC is the better way!

We spent some time wandering arround the farm, introducing our daughter Abi to the various animals who live there and we made the appropriate animal sounds, she got quite a kick out of the piglet sounds made by both man and animal. From there we trundled over to Kensington Market to see the Stitch and Bitch Ladies at Lettuceknit and to visit the Organic Ice Cream Guy (Brads ice cream was a staple craving during my pregnancy, especially the Lavender) for the official nice weather is here celebratory Ice Cream cone. He had this great Chocolate/coffee/cayenne ice cream that was great! It had this mocha start tehn a few seconds after it melted you got this mild warming on the toung from the cayenne, Brad comes up with the best flavour combos.

From there we trundled home, had some dinner and I started and have almost finished my “New Series Dr.Who scarf”, I have so deemed it as it is being knit with the two skeins of Colinette Point 5 my parents brought me back from their recent trip to Engand and I started (and almost finished) knitting it while watching an episode of the new Dr Who series. I must say I do rather like this series but the new Dr. is no Tom Baker!